Tournament Package

HOLIDAY UPDATE.  SOLD OUT!  Our sincere apologies for selling out before the end of the holiday season.  The interest in Futpong exceeded our forecast, thanks to our fans for spreading the word!  We expect to be back in stock in March.  If you can't wait that long, we still have the Official Ball in stock.  Here is a link to the court size and official rules. There are many easy ways to build your own temporary net.   

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You need to take it to the next level – and we whole-heartedly support that.  Grab the Tournament Package and be the first in your community to host a Futpong tournament.  Includes:

  • 5 Futpong nets with custom bags
  • 7 Official Balls

We’ll help you get started by letting you know what’s worked for us.  Futpong tournaments are a great way for soccer clubs to generate additional $$, or just have a fun party or reunion.  You'll have a blast.

Includes: 5 Futpong nets with custom bags, and 7 Official Balls.

$ 545.00