NEW! Size 5 SoftTouch Ball

You asked and we delivered! The Size 5 SoftTouch ball  perfect for getting started on your journey to Futpong mastery.

Size 5 makes it the same as a full-sized soccer ball, but the soft padded fabric and special bladder means this ball is very easy to control.  We've played with children ages six and up, and it's pretty sweet for us older players also. 

  • Perfect for young players to get them started
  • A great ball to use when introducing juggling
  • Perfect for less than coordinated parents :)
  • Lightweight
  • Under-inflate for easiest game play

We recommend adding this to your Pro Set to get more players in the game

Includes: One Size 5 SoftTouch Ball

Weight 300 grams; material padded fabric with air bladder; machine stitched

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$ 19.00

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