Participate in the Challenge

The Goal:

Have fun while you improve your juggling skills and ball control.

The Rules:

  1. Record your best of five juggling attempts before playing your first Futpong game,  Record your results under "Before" on the Futpong challenge sheet that comes with the Futpong Challenge Set.
  2. Play Futpong as much as possible for a month.  Record the number of games you play on your challenge sheet.  You should play at least 30 games, but don't stop there.  Play as many as you can!
  3. Record your best of five juggling attempts after playing Futpong for the month and write it down under "After" on the Futpong Challenge sheet.  Record your improvement!
  4. Send us your results to post on the website.
  5. Tell your friends and have them take the challenge.
  6. Want to see even more improvement?  Play Futpong for another month and test your juggling again!