Do I need to be a soccer player to enjoy Futpong?

Absolutely not! People, young and old, have had a blast playing Futpong even though they’ve never touched a soccer ball. Futpong is fantastic fun, regardless of your skill level. You don’t need to be a golf or tennis star to play mini-golf or pingpong, and this game is no different. We’ve also found that soccer players aren’t always that good at Futpong in the beginning, unless they’re playing at a very high level. They’ll have no problem playing with non-soccer friends and family (and perhaps losing a few games to their mom, dad or baby brother!). We’ve found that the more you play this game, the better your overall balance and coordination will be, regardless of how sporty or athletic you are.

I live in an apartment building in the city – can I still play Futpong?

You bet! Because of the small size of the court, this game can be played in a very small space. All you need is a five foot by ten foot rectangle of pavement, surrounded by a little open area. This game is perfect for playing on sidewalks, in basements, on basketball courts, or just about anywhere. Just remember to play responsibly and safely.

Is Futpong a good college campus game?

This is possibly the best campus game since the invention of the Frisbee. Can you think of a place that has more miles of sidewalk? Imagine how fun it would be to play this game in a dormitory hallway, where you can use the walls for bank shots. You can make up your own rules. How cool is that?

I’m a phys-ed teacher – will this game work for my classroom?

Futpong is easy to setup and kids immediately get the rules, so it works well in a physical education setting at elementary, middle, and high school levels. Playing the game in a tournament format that allows a large number of kids to play simultaneously, keeps the game engaging, challenging and fun for all participants. With all games, it’s more fun if you’re playing against other players of similar skill level. See our tournament how-to page for guidance.

What is the role of juggling in soccer, and why do we use it to assess skill in the Futpong Challenge?

Juggling is the easiest way to assess the skill of a player’s touch on the ball, which makes it ideal for assessment in the Futpong Challenge. It’s a game of chance--each time a player touches the ball there is a chance they will miss-kick and let it touch the ground. We can all kick the ball once before it falls. As our skill level improves, we can kick it two, three, or more times before it drops. Our chances of keeping our feet on the ball improve, as does our precision.

This translates directly into skill on the soccer field, in which the player may get their foot on the ball only 50 to 100 times in a standard 90 minute game. If they can consistently direct the ball with every opportunity, they will be that much more valuable to their team.

How can I test my juggling ability?

Try juggling the ball with your dominant foot. How many touches in a row can you get over a few tries? Now try juggling with your non-dominant foot. Was there a difference? If you try for ten minutes can you get the same number of juggles with your non-dominant foot as you got with just a few tries with your dominant foot? A strong player needs to direct the ball with both feet equally well. Watch a professional soccer match and you’ll see world-class players using both feet in every game.

Will playing Futpong make me a great soccer player? 

There are four core elements a world-class soccer player needs. They are technique, tactical awareness, athletic ability, and a great attitude. Every player has a different combination of these four elements. Getting better at all of them requires a lot of hard work, over many years of practice! We do believe that playing Futpong at an early age and for a prolonged period of time will develop increased reaction time, control, and creativity in ball placement that will directly translate to the soccer field. Does this replace getting out and playing soccer with your friends? No way! There are many, many facets to the game of soccer that can only be learned by playing, so get out there, have fun, and be safe!

What is your return policy?

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You guys are cool. Can we hang out and play some Futpong?